Project Consortium

The consortium proposing the SHARE I.T. grant application will be constructed from several organisations that each brings a series of skills and relevant knowledge to the project.

Lead Partners: Anthony Corns & Robert Shaw (The Discovery Programme, IT & survey) This department has a wide range of experience in using state of the art technology to fully understand and record archaeological landscapes both within Discovery Programme research projects and externally in collaboration with academic partners and government bodies.

Examples include:

  • LiDAR survey: Tara, Newtown Jerpoint, Dún Ailinne
  • Aerial survey: Mullaghfarna (Co. Sligo), Lough Gara and County Roscommon

This department also has over 10 years experience in the implementation and development of archaeological GIS and data management. Successful experience of EU funded projects includes: Pathways to Cultural Landscape project (culture 2000) and the CIPHER research project (IST 5th Framework). Currently both members are on the management committee of the EU funded COST action A27: Understanding pre-industrial structures in rural and mining landscapes.

Technical Partners:

Evan McCarthy & John McAuley (Digital Media Centre (DMC), DIT) The Digital Media Centre (DMC) is an expanding multidisciplinary research group based in the Faculty of Applied Arts, Dublin Institute of Technology.

The centre was established in the early 1990’s at the start of the digital media era and quickly became involved in industry sponsored projects, experimental production and the development of postgraduate education in the new field of interactive media.

Over the last ten years, they been successful in attracting funding at local national and European and have also received significant sponsorship from industry partners while through their participation in EU Framework Programmes they have built strong European and international partnerships.

Current research within the DMC includes spatial information technologies with cultural heritage and archaeology information being at the core of several research projects including: TARCHNA – Etruscan archaeology application, CHI – Cultural Heritage Interfaces and AskaboutIreland.com – providing online access to public library, museum and archive data.

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