Dr Robert Sands

Dr Robert SandsI studied for my B.Sc. in Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, graduating in 1989. This was followed by time working for the Sussex Field Archaeology Unit as a supervisor before heading north, in 1991, to Edinburgh to undertake Ph.D. research into Bronze and Iron Age woodworking. This was successfully completed in 1994 and the next three years saw me undertaking a variety of archaeological contract work, part-time teaching and developing on-line learning resources.

My research and development of on-line learning resources led to a full time job with Edinburgh University in 1997. First with the TLA (Teaching and Learning Association) and subsequently as a member of staff of MALTS (Media and Learning technology Service).

In the latter part of my time with MALTS I was responsible for the Edinburgh end of a SHEFC multi-institutional funded project to develop the Student Centric Web-based Informational Management System (SCWEIMS).

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