Work packages

WP2: International Best Practice Review

The second module will explore and review the current best practices that have been adopted within the cultural heritage sector and within the wider professional community. Standards organisations specific to cultural data such as the Archaeological Data Service (ADS) and ARENA (Archaeological Records of Europe – Networked Access) will be consulted on their prescribed policy. Time will also be taken to investigate policy and standards outside of cultural heritage, such as engineering

  • What are the adopted data formats and standards for the sharing and long term archival preservation of digital spatial data?
  • Are there any prescribed metadata formats associated with the storage of digital archaeological and spatial data that should be adopted?
  • Are there any standards organisations that can assist and integrate Irish digital spatial data into an international framework?

Part of this review will be an examination of current legislation governing the sharing and reuse of spatial data, specifically the EU INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) directive that will soon come into force (May 2009). This legislative tool will affect public bodies and NGOs who will be obliged to provide consistent access to spatial products and services.

Once completed the product of this work package will be report with recommendations for the management of spatial archaeological landscape data.

Final Report

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