Work packages

WP4: WebGIS Pilot Development

This work package of the project is concerned with the construction of a WebGIS pilot using the acquired knowledge gained from WP1-3. The methodology will follow the setup, development and multiple iterative testing phases of the WebGIS pilot. During this process the WebGIS will be seeded with core amount of landscape data from the Discovery Programme (DP), Margaret Gowen & Co (MG) and UCD School of Archaeology (UCD-SA) At all stages of development a continual record of results, changes and processes will be created. Each sub-module of this work package is described as follows:

  • System Setup: Initial setup of web server hardware and basic GIS software systems including the establishment of sufficient web linkages and development of spatial database structure for the efficient and effective digital storage of landscape assets.
  • Spatial Data Standardisation: Seed data from three organisations will be prepared, reprocessed and standardised to conform to the data criteria established in WP2. Where partners require additional technical help (MG & UCD-SA), DP staff will provide assistance to the archaeology professionals.
  • Input Spatial Data: Following on from data WP4.2 data will be uploaded into the established spatial database. All data will be pre-processed to aid the rapid display of high resolution data via the web.
  • Development of WebGIS application and interface to create a toolset for the online exploration and searching of spatial data. Included here is the production and refining of cartographic rules that produce a standardised and intuitive presentation layer to the spatial data. At this stage, the WebGIS system will go through a first phase of testing to establish the basic robustness of the software. This will be carried out by all project partners.
  • Two more iterative development and testing phases follow to allow for the fine tuning of WebGIS Interface, presentation and tools. This phase of testing will be carried out against the professionals and students within three archaeological partners (DP, MG, UCD-SA). Once sufficient testing has removed any software and interface problems the WebGIS is the suitable for live access to the identified audience.
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